Our Serge sunglasses may be named after the French master of dishevelled elegance, Serge Gainsborough, but their inspiration has Italian origins; vintage Gucci sunglasses and the Paninaro youth cult of 1980's Milan.
We all know about Gucci now, but in the 1980's it was not the brand we know today. It was actually their sunglasses that were the most sought after items from Gucci in the 80's.
You would find Gucci sunglasses being worn, alongside 80's Rayban Wayfarers in the the sandwich (Panini) bars where the "Ragazzi", the Italian youth hung out.
In Timberland  boots and lug-soled deck shoes, worn with Burlington Argyle socks, Best Company sweatshirts and washed denim jeans from Liberto, the Paninaro would be an influential element on the rise of Italian brands like Emporio Armani, the younger line from Giorgio Armani, and their taste for outerwear would see them forever associated with Italian outerwear companies CP Company, particularly their Mille Miglia classic jacket with built in goggles, and Stone Island
In the UK, the Paninaro influence is still strongly seen in the predominance of Italian designer brands that are ubiquitious now and particularly in the style of soccer casuals.
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