Black Ivy - A Revolt in Style

Black Ivy, Jason Jules, Graham Marsh, Miles Davis,  Mens style, Ivy League

The Financial Times hailed it as the book of the year on release and here at The Reference Library, we are well overdue a feature on Black Ivy - A Revolt In Style. The release of the book, by Jason Jules and Graham Marsh was described by The New York Times as a "rare event, a volume that skews our understanding of fashion," but we would say, that this is a book that is about the fundamentals of style and a style of clothing that has endured for decades.

Take Ivy, Ametora, Articles of Interest, Hollywood and the Ivy Look, Ivy-Style. There are a plethora of books, blogs and podcasts that have been examining the Ivy League look, but here Jason and Graham approach the Ivy look from the perspective of how Black jazz musicians, poets, politicians and artists appropriated the look for themselves and made it their own.

These guys know what they are talking about. Jason Jules, (Creative Director / Brand Consultant /Stylist / Writer and Journalist) can also be found on Instagram as Garmsville and is also the well known face of Drake's lookbooks. Graham Marsh, Ivy Connection on Instagram has been behind many Ivy accented books,  as well as illustrating for and collaborating with Kamakura Shirts from Japan who recreate the classic Oxford Cotton Button Down shirts, (OCBD's) that are a main stay of Ivy style. 

Tommie Smith* Black Power* Black Ivy* Jason Jules* Ivy League style

Black Ivy - A Revolt in Style is visual treat for anyone interested in the best menswear and men's style and this book is as stylish as the men who wrote it.

Published by Reel Art Press, Tony Nourmand's outstanding imprint for photographic volumes that cover film, music and cinema as well as the Ivy Look. Check out recent releases by photographer Chris Floyd, Pattie Boyd - George Harrison of The Beatles partner and some of their classic releases like Dennis Stock American Cool.

You can buy Black Ivy -  A Revolt in Style, the book, direct from Reel Art Press here