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The new issue of The Rake Magazine - out now.

The Rake Magazine has forged a unique voice as a Men's magazine and Editor-in- Chief, Wei Koh has seen his elegant vision unroll with remarkable success over the last 10 years. Wei, always the perfect gentleman with impeccable manners, has lead the way in defining The Rake's lifestyle, built around bespoke suits, Negroni cocktails, fine cigars and fine dining.

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The magazine champions classic tailoring and menswear houses and while they flirt with major luxury brands, they show great support for the new and upcoming makers, craftsmen, tailors and brands that fall in, or rub suitably roped or neapolitan shoulders, with the classic menswear ouvre.

Anderson and Sheppard and Edward Sexton in London and Rubinacci in Naples are some of the established tailoring houses that embraced and supported The Rake in the early days and The Rake returned the favours by placing these historical pillars of the bespoke tailoring front and centre with the launch of The Rake Online where we are pleased to say, you will also find The Reference Library sunglasses.

The Rake's UK edition is helmed by Tom Chamberlain and under his wing there is a talented team including photographer Rikesh, formerly of Turnbull and Asser, and writer Frederick Anderson who wrote a great piece on The Reference Library which you can click through to here.

The Rake sprang from Revolution, the watch connoisseurs magazine based in Singapore and you can also find International editions, The Rake Japan and The Rake Middle East in those eponymous parts of the world.

In the magazine you'll find articles by Nick Foulkes, noted cigar expert and luxury commentator and in it's time The Rake has been the starting point for Aleks Cvektovic of Hand Cut Radio and Benedict Browne, two young men who's styling and writing can now be found across many other publications and work for brands in London.

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