Mark Wigan in Faith Magazine

Mark Wigan has been called the British Keith Haring. Working for  I-D Magazine in the second half of the eighties he helped define the magazines "straight up" aesthetic with his distinctive polaroid style, capturing and captioning nightlife and the fashionable and distinctive people embroiled in it across the globe, as club culture, pre-house music, began to form and take shape. 
As an artist Wigan has left an indelible mark across international club culture in London, Tokyo and New York, however there is so much more to the life story of this remarkable character than that. Not just painting club walls he was also the promoter behind many legendary clubs in London in the early 90's, published books and spent time teaching and curating, collaborating with clothing brands, as well as continuing to paint and hark back to those halcyon days with his Clubland Chronicles series.
Gordon Ritchie of The Reference Library has written about this remarkable man in the new issue of Faith Magazine which is available to pre-order now via Defected Records.
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Faith Magazine is the cult music magazine that grew out of the scene around Boys Own, the renowned House music heads, who forged ahead in the early days of House Music and the Balearic Network of Acid House and continue to plough their own path supporting the culture around House music.