cover of the Rowing Blazers book by Jack CarlsonIt all began with a book, then it became a brand that has injected all-American preppy style with a multicolour injection of wit, humour and energy all the while staying true to their founder, Jack Carlson's personal roots and taste.

Jack studied at Oxford University and it was the distinctive stripe blazers traditionally worn by university rowing teams that were the inspiration and are still the bedrock of The Rowing Blazers brand. Jack himself was once part of the USA, medal winning, rowing team adding an extra layer of authenticity to the brand. (They actually began by making blazers for rowing teams and we believe still do.)

We got know Jack, first meeting in New York at what was the Rowing Blazers Clubhouse, where they threw some great parties and then suitably at The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel in London and were delighted when The Reference Library were invited to be a guest brand on the Rowing Blazers website, where we were up until recently.

We have enjoyed working with Jack, David and the team at Rowing Blazers. Through them our sunglasses have been worn by TikTok sensation Fibula and singer Marques Martin and to have worked with a brand that have become the kings of collaboration, through working with everyone from GucciNoah and Harry's New York Bar to Babar the Elephant and Barbour the famous makers of Wax Jackets in the North of England has been an honour.

We salute you Sir Jack and look forward to working with you again in the future. The Reference Library