The Reference Library on Esquire's The Mood Board: Sixties Style Is Better Than You Think.

The Reference Library have been inspired by Esquire magazine since we used to buy imported US editions before there even was a UK edition. Still one of our favourite magazines, their online and digital editions are also great quality. The Mood Board series is a good example of the high quality editorial and we were very pleased to find them talking about The Reference Library. 

"Consider The Reference Library, a new brand just launched on Mr Porter, whose frames are directly inspired by the best of the mid-century."

As Charlie Teasdale of Esquire says,

"The best sunglasses you can buy, right now and likely for ever more, are a pair in thick black acetate". "Look at this picture of Michael Caine and tell me he doesn’t look good in those sunglasses. He’s wearing them inside and it still works!"

At The Reference Library our Michael frames are directly inspired by The Ipcress File and the cold war spy style of Harry Palmer, played by Michael Caine in the film version of the Len Deighton Novel.

Michael Sunglasses by The Reference Library

Charlie Teasdale of Esquire's choice though:

"Frames such as the Eddies, which make my point about chunky black acetate perfectly."

Eddie Sunglasses by The Reference Library Exclusively for Mr. Porter.

 At The Reference Library we wholly endorse the views of Mr. Teasdale and suggest, like Michael, you sit at the bar in a pair of Black sunglasses, a black polo neck and sports jacket drinking an Aperol spritz in style.