Buzz and The Anthology

We were first introduced to Buzz in the basement of Private White in Mayfair after a menswear symposium hosted by Simon Crompton of Permanent Style, which had featured James Eden, Nick Ashley, Euan Denholm of Edward Green, Tarlach de Blacam from Inis Mean and Alice Walsh from Alice Made This.

Well mannered, well spoken, well dressed, Buzz that is, this young gentlemen immediately made an impression as someone to keep an eye on as he mentioned he was studying and planning to do something of his own one day.

We suggested meeting for coffee but had never managed, as we saw Buzz's plan morph into The Anthology and step out into the world, and when we say the world, we mean the world.

Although Buzz is based in London, The Anthology as a business remains anchored in Hong Kong with a further store opened in Taiwan.

When the world is functioning properly they also hold a regular circuit of trunk shows in London, Tokyo and Singapore with New York, to be added to the circuit soon.

Buzz and his crew, including WWC Willy who manages the Taiwan store and Little Fatyaa, their friend and photographer, may have taken a few seasons to find their feet but are now blazing a trail in men's tailoring with a new young energy and a healthy focus on vintage fabrics that is infectious and dare we say it, making some of the biggest names in men's tailoring over the last decade begin to look a little staid. Even the self-proclaimed "worlds leading authority on Bespoke menswear" has been writing about the influence The Anthology boys have been having on him and the way he dresses.

For us at The Reference Library it has been the vintage shirt fabrics, the perfect roll on their bespoke button down shirts, the short sleeve knitwear, a look we also pushed a couple of times in previous lives, that really caught our eye and of course the constantly developing cool Instagram styling of WWC Willy. Not to mention Buzz's own style, their unearthing of vintage suiting cloth and their Lazyman jackets. 

We haven't indulged yet but plan to at the next London Trunk show once international travel is allowed again.

So we were pleased when Buzz got in touch, not long after we launched, asking if he could borrow some sunglasses from The Reference Library for a shoot he had planned with photographer Alex Natt. We were happy to oblige, eventually managing to have that coffee at Chucs in Dover Street, Mayfair.

The results were outstanding, Alex commenting as well how good the sunglasses looked on Buzz.

We also asked Buzz to join us again for another shoot we had planned with Alex where we shot him in a "Reference Library" style and we look forward to sharing more of these pictures with you soon, along with an interview with Buzz for a deeper dive into what make The Anthology tick and one of the best new names in men style today.

Meantime check out, if you haven't already, The Anthology online here, and follow Buzz on Instagram here